Adoptable through Parrots Haven


Tango the Senegal
Estimated to be over 35 years old. Owner passed away. Knows how to step up on a stick. Is cautious, but opens up once trust is built. Should go to a parrot-experienced owner whom is willing to work with him.

Croquette Blue-fronted Amazon
Very well-loved, but owner passed away. Needs someone to work with her to help her back out of her shell.

Tweety & Peeps Lutino Parakeets
Two budgies are better than one. They offer double the charm and can keep each other company while you're away on errands.

Sage the Quaker Parrot
She talks some. Not really handle-able at the moment, but can be worked with. Flighted. Likes to be talked to and dances.

Ross the Green Cheek Conure
A bit of a "velcro bird", loves attention, gets jealous of other birds. Can be a little nippy which is common for Conures.


Milo Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird
About 2 years old. Semi-friendly, suspected male, does the “dirty-birdy” dance often.
“Hello, I’m Milo!
I’m a lutino lovebird, I’m around 1.5 years old and even though I’m not DNA tested, I think I’m male. My favorite things to do are to shred toys, fly everywhere, eat millet, and chirp. A few facts about me: I’m a very picky eater, I like sprouted seeds and dry seeds, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t like head scratches but I will take all the back kisses I can get! I love having bath with cold water on your hands and I like to sleep with a blanket over my cage. I like to listen to rainforest music and if you let me, I’ll happily perch on your shoulder for as long as you let me. "


Kissie the Gold-capped Conure
Estimated to be 10 years old. Loves everyone. Goes through wood toys like a wood chipper. Enjoys fresh food and pellets.

Jade the Red-lored Amazon
Estimated to be about 20 years old, has cataracts in one eye. On the independent side. Offended by toys. Could use someone who's bird experienced and patient with her.